Association Executive


Work Tasks

ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVES manage the day-to-day operations of trade associations, societies, and charitable organizations. They provide members with the most current information in their field, and inform them about government actions that may affect them. They do research and statistics on trends in industry. They are in charge of budgets, membership, fund raising, and publications. They meet with the media, and prepare press releases. They prepare for conferences and seminars. They write association newsletters. They develop educational programs, promote attendance, and collect fees.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Many small associations prefer to hire ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVES with a degree in liberal arts or business administration with a minor in English. In large associations, where jobs are more specific, a controller, for example, needs a degree in finance, and a public relations specialist, a degree in public relations or communications. A second language may be needed for jobs with international activities. Top executive positions need a master's degree in association management, including courses in finance, communications, and personnel affairs.