Work Tasks

EMBALMERS prepare bodies for interment in conformance with legal requirements. Embalmers begin the embalming process by removing body fluids and replacing them with embalming fluid. Embalmers reshape or reconstruct disfigured features and apply cosmetics to give a natural appearance, dress the body, and place the body in a casket chosen by the family. Embalmers maintain records such as embalming reports, and itemized lists of clothing or valuables delivered with the body. Embalmers must be familiar with, and follow the law and legal requirements on the embalming process.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

EMBALMERS must be licensed in all states. Most states require applicants to be twenty one years old, attend mortuary school, serve a one- to three-year apprenticeship, and pass a qualifying examination. Persons interested in a career in this field should contact their state licensing board for specific requirements. College programs in mortuary science usually last from two to four years. A few community and junior colleges offer two-year programs; and a few colleges and universities offer both two- and four-year programs. Mortuary science programs include courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, embalming techniques, restorative art, business management, and client services.