Volunteer Coordinator


Work Tasks

VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS plan volunteer programs and organize the work of volunteers. They identify ways for volunteers to help nonprofit, and sometimes public, organizations. They ask the paid staff to describe the work needed to be done and then they write specific job descriptions for volunteers to fill. They publicize their organization's work in order to recruit volunteers, and then search for willing workers. They contact local schools, churches, community groups, and businesses by phone or give presentations. Volunteer coordinators find ways to fit the skills and schedules of volunteers with the needs of the organization. They also perform administrative tasks.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

There are no established educational requirements for VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS, but most have a bachelor's degree. Social work, psychology, and human resources management are common major degrees for these professionals. Learning volunteer management theory and techniques will be an asset. Education and communication classes are also good preparation. Experience in a particular occupation is sometimes needed to teach volunteers specific skills. Training people to build homes, for example, needs construction experience.