Director (Social)


Work Tasks

SOCIAL DIRECTORS plan, organize, and direct activities in community centers, camps, resorts, hotels, aboard cruise ships, health clubs, fitness centers, theme parks, and tourist attractions. They are responsible for the enjoyment, comfort, and safety of participants, including vacationers. They may greet new arrivals and make sure guests know about social and recreational programs. Social directors determine group interests and plan suitable activities. Activities may include entertainment, music, dancing, and contests. Social directors may arrange guided hikes and nature walks, mountain biking, tennis, and other sporting activities.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire SOCIAL DIRECTORS with a bachelor's degree in recreation or leisure studies, or hospitality management, and a background in business administration. Specialized training or experience in a particular field, such as art, music, drama, or athletics, is an asset for many jobs. No special licensing or certification is required for social directors.