Work Tasks

HOSTS/HOSTESSES try to create a good impression for a restaurant by greeting guests as they arrive, showing them where to leave their coats and where they can wait until a table is ready. They lead guests to their table, give them menus, and insure that service is fast and efficient and that the meal meets expectations. Hosts/hostesses check serving stations to make sure they are clean, neat, and stocked with all the necessary dining room supplies. Some hosts/hostesses also take reservations and assign guests to tables. They may assist customers in planning special events such as parties and banquets and supervise and coordinate activities of the dining room staff.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

There are no special education needs for HOSTS/HOSTESSES. Many employers prefer to hire high school graduates. Most hosts/hostesses pick up their skills on the job. Some states require that host/hostesses have a health certificate to show that they are free of diseases other people can catch.

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