Investment Analyst


Work Tasks

INVESTMENT ANALYSTS analyze financial information to forecast business, industry, and economic conditions, for use in making investment decisions. They are concerned with data that affects the investment programs of public, industrial, and financial institutions. They gather and analyze corporate financial statements. They gather industrial, regulatory and economic information. They interpret data about all aspects of investment, such as price, yield, stability, and future trends. They summarize data on current and long-term trends into investment risks and benefits analysis for investors. They give advice on investment timing and buy-and-sell orders.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire INVESTMENT ANALYSTS with a bachelor's degree in finance. Work experience is a major consideration in preparing for this occupation. Courses in accounting, business law, economics, investment, writing, math, government, and computer science are helpful. Courses are offered in colleges and universities. No special licensing or certification is required for investment analysts.