Budget Analyst


Work Tasks

BUDGET ANALYSTS develop, analyze, and prepare budgets. They review proposed operating and financial plans submitted by managers. They make sure they are complete and accurate, and meet company goals. They consolidate department budgets into operating and capital budget summaries They submit to top managers, and help them analyze the proposed plan and find alternatives if needed. They monitor the budget to see if funds have been spent as specified. If not, they recommend new or revised budget procedures. If there is any leftover money, budget analysts may decide how to spend it. If there is a shortage, analysts may suggest cuts in the program.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire BUDGET ANALYSTS with at least a bachelor's degree. Many employers require a master's degree, or a background in business. A bachelor's degree in one of many areas, such as accounting, finance, business or public administration, economics, political science, planning, statistics, or a social science, may qualify for entry. A field related to the employing industry, such as engineering, may sometimes be preferred. Courses in statistics or accounting are helpful regardless of a person's major field of study.