Work Tasks

FORESTERS manage, develop, use, and help protect forests and other natural resources. They get timber from private landowners or from publicly owned forests. They figure the worth and negotiate the price of the timber, and draw up a contract. They then hire logging companies to remove trees. They plan and oversee the planting and growing of new trees, and choose and prepare the site. They protect and harvest trees, and map forest areas. They are involved in the protection of wildlife habitat and the management of watersheds. They may also design campgrounds and recreation areas.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

A bachelor's degree in forestry is the minimum educational requirement for FORESTERS. Foresters who wish to enter into specialized research or teach should have an advanced degree, preferably a Ph.D. Some states have mandatory licensing or registration requirements that a FORESTER must meet in order to acquire the title Professional Forester. Becoming licensed or registered usually requires a 4-year degree in forestry, a minimum period of training time, and passing an exam.