Forestry Technician


Work Tasks

FORESTRY TECHNICIANS work with professional foresters to help develop, maintain, and protect forests and woodlands by growing and planting new tree seedlings. They fight insects and diseases that attack trees. Technicians also help control soil erosion. Forestry technicians gather data on the size, content, and condition of forestland tracts. Forestry technicians determine which timber in a particular tract of forest is ready to be harvested. They mark trees of a certain kind, condition, and size for thinning and logging. They assist in surveying property lines and timber sale boundaries, and record survey data.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

The minimum requirement for a FORESTRY TECHNICIAN is a high school education. Many secondary schools, including vocational and technical schools, and some community colleges offer courses, or a two-year degree, in general forestry and forest harvesting, which could be helpful in getting a job. FORESTRY TECHNICIANS who work with pesticides or chemicals may require a license. Those who specialize in surveying may also need a license in some states.