Groundskeeper (Gardener)


Work Tasks

GROUNDSKEEPER (GARDENERS) take care of lawns, gardens, and grounds of business and residential properties. Groundskeepers (gardeners) also care for indoor gardens and plantings in commercial and public facilities, such as malls and hotels. Groundskeepers maintain athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, university campuses, and parks. They take care of plants and trees, rake and mulch leaves, and clear snow from walkways and parking lots. Gardeners cut and trim lawns, flowerbeds, and hedges. They water the grounds as needed. They may terrace hillsides, and build walls and patios.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

There usually are no minimum educational requirements for entry-level positions for GROUNDSKEEPERS (GARDENERS). Most workers have a high school education or less, although a diploma is necessary for some jobs. Entry-level workers must be able to follow directions and learn proper planting procedures. If driving is an essential part of a job, employers look for applicants with a good driving record and some experience driving a truck. Most states require certification for workers who use pesticides. Certification requirements vary, but usually include passing a test on the proper and safe use and disposal of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.