Work Tasks

LOGGERS cut down trees from forests. They saw trees into logs, haul the logs to loading areas, and transport them to mills. Logging equipment operators on a logging crew drive crawler or wheeled tractors, transport logs from the felling site in the woods to the log landing area, and operate tree fellers. They use tree harvesters to shear the tops off of trees and then cut the logs into the desired lengths. Log graders and scalers inspect logs for defects, measure the logs to determine their volume, and estimate the marketable value of the logs and pulpwood.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most LOGGERS develop skills through on-the-job training from experienced workers. Large logging companies and trade associations offer special programs, particularly for workers training to operate large machinery and equipment. Safety training is a vital part of instruction for all logging workers. Secondary schools, including vocational and technical schools and some community colleges, offer courses, or a two-year degree in general forestry, forest harvesting, and conservation, which may be helpful in getting a job.