Garage Supervisor


Work Tasks

GARAGE SUPERVISORS plan, supervise, coordinate, and evaluate the work of a crew of skilled and semi-skilled workers who repair and maintain a wide variety of transportation, construction and automotive equipment. Garage supervisors are skilled in all aspects of engine and body repair. They inspect incoming vehicles, decide which parts will be replaced or repaired, and estimate the cost and the time repairs will take. They establish work standards and evaluate work while in progress and when finished. They assure that maintenance and repair of vehicles is scheduled on a timely basis and that service is high quality. Garage supervisors advise and assist workers in the diagnosis of mechanical problems and recommend solutions.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire GARAGE SUPERVISORS with high school diploma's or their equivalent, and who have vocational/technical school training in automotive and/or diesel mechanics. They look for supervisors with thorough experience in light or heavy-duty automotive and diesel equipment repair, maintenance work as a journey level mechanic, and considerable experience in supervision over a crew of skilled workers in this field. Although many garage supervisors rise through the ranks, employers are increasingly hiring college graduates with technical degrees. A driverís license is required. Supervising heavy equipment mechanics may also require a special license.