Work Tasks

GEOGRAPHERS study and analyze the natural and cultural features of all parts of the world. They study the variations in climates, vegetation, soil, and landforms, and how they impact human activity. They may forecast weather, manage watersheds, plan coastal land use, etc. They study the regional distribution of resources and economic activities. They are concerned with the relationship of geography to political phenomena on local, national, and international scales. They study cities and metropolitan areas. Some may study health care delivery systems, epidemiology, and the effect of the environment on health.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

GEOGRAPHERS with a bachelorís degree qualify for entry-level jobs such as planners or environmental specialists. Those with a master's degree can qualify for more challenging positions as well as teaching in junior colleges. A Ph.D. degree is the minimum requirement for most positions in four-year colleges and universities, and for top-level research and administrative posts. Training in statistics and mathematics is essential for use in mathematical and quantitative research methods. The ability to use computers for research purposes is mandatory.