College/University Faculty


Work Tasks

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY FACULTY teach and advise students, do research, and publish their findings. They also study to keep up with changes in their field. They may give lectures, lead seminars, or oversee students in labs. They prepare lectures, exercises, and lab experiments, grade exams and papers, and advise and work with students on a one-to-one basis. They may use the Internet, email, and software programs as teaching aids. Some teach satellite courses via closed circuit or cable television or over the Internet. Most serve on academic or administrative committees that deal with the policies of their institution, academic issues, curricula, budgets, etc.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY FACULTY consist of four academic ranks: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor, usually considered tenure-track positions. Most 4-year colleges and universities only consider doctoral degree holders for full-time, tenure-track positions, but may hire master's degree holders for certain disciplines, such as the arts. In two-year colleges, master's degree holders may qualify for full-time positions, but are often passed over in favor of those with a Ph.D. Doctoral programs, including time spent completing a master's degree, take about 6 to 8 years of full-time study beyond the bachelor's degree.