Production Manager (Industry)


Work Tasks

PRODUCTION MANAGERS (INDUSTRY) are responsible for the production scheduling, staffing, equipment, quality control, inventory control, and the coordination of production activities. They meet with management to establish production standards, develop a budget, and obtain data about type, quantity, delivery dates, etc. Their main function is to plan the production schedule within budget and time constraints. They determine machines to be used, whether new machines are needed, or extra shifts are necessary, and what the sequence of production will be. They also monitor the production run to make sure that it stays on schedule and correct any problems that might arise.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

A college degree is required for PRODUCTION MANAGERS (INDUSTRY). Employers prefer those with a degree in business administration, industrial technology, or industrial engineering. Some have a master's degree in industrial management or business administration (MBA). Some companies hire liberal arts graduates. As production operations become more complicated, an increasing number of employers are looking for candidates with graduate degrees in industrial management or business administration. These managers must keep up with new technology.