Warehouse Supervisor


Work Tasks

WAREHOUSE SUPERVISORS plan, coordinate, participate in the work of, and supervise warehouse workers engaged in the storage and distribution operations within an organization. They plan and supervise activities, such as receiving, handling, storing, stacking, transporting, order filling, shipping, and maintaining stock records. They oversee the labeling, casing, and packing of materials or products to be shipped. They plan the use of lifts, conveyors, hand trucks, cranes, and other equipment. They make up worker schedules, estimate how long jobs will take to complete, and assign duties. They train new workers and maintain and prepare various records and reports.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire applicants for WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR positions with at least a high school diploma, who can read and write and have basic mathematical skills, as well as several years of progressively responsible experience in warehousing. Employers increasingly prefer to hire people who are familiar with computers and other electronic office and business equipment. No special licensing or certification is required for warehouse supervisors. Special training is required for storage of hazardous materials.