Human Resources Clerk


Work Tasks

HUMAN RESOURCES CLERKS are responsible for keeping personnel records of all the employees of an organization. These records include information such as name, address, job title, salary, health benefits, and tax withholding. These clerks record and answer questions about employee absences and supervisory reports on job performance. Human resources clerks update the appropriate forms when an employee receives a promotion or switches health insurance plans. Human resources clerks also explain the organization's employment policies and refer qualified applicants to the employing official.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire high school graduates for HUMAN RESOURCES CLERK positions. A higher level of education is usually favored over a high school diploma, but it is not generally required. Employers also prefer those who are computer literate. High schools, business schools, and community colleges offer business education programs that typically include courses in keyboarding, word processing, shorthand, business communications, records management, and office systems and procedures. No special licensing or certification is required for human resources clerks.