Office Clerk


Work Tasks

OFFICE CLERKS perform a wide variety of duties. They file papers, and type letters and enter data on a computer. They use office machines, such as copiers and fax machines. They prepare mailings, proofread copy, answer telephones, and deliver messages. Some clerks sort checks, keep payroll records, take inventory, or access information. They may make transparencies for a presentation, or fill orders received by fax machine. They may handle and adjust customer complaints, make travel arrangements, take inventory of equipment and supplies, and answer questions on departmental services and functions.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire OFFICE CLERKS who have a high school diploma, and previous office or business experience. Some employers require typing, basic computer skills, and other general office skills. Familiarity with computer and word processing software and applications is becoming increasingly important. Training is available through business education programs offered in high schools, 2-year colleges, and post-secondary vocational schools. Courses in word processing, computer applications, and office practices are very helpful.