Computer Systems Analyst


Work Tasks

COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYSTS use their knowledge and skills to plan computer systems to meet the needs of their clients. This process may include developing new computer systems or devising ways to apply existing systems resources to additional operations. Computer systems analysts determine the computer hardware and software that will be needed for a system. They coordinate tests and observe initial use of the system to ensure it performs as planned. Analysts prepare specifications, work diagrams, and structure charts for computer programmers to follow and then work with them to debug or eliminate errors from a system.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers generally prefer applicants for COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST positions who have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information science, computer information systems, or data processing. For some of the more complex jobs, persons with graduate degrees are preferred. Relevant work experience is also very important. Employers usually want systems analysts to have a background in business management. No special licensing or certification is required for computer systems analysts. However, voluntary certification is available through the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP).