Information Systems Manager


Work Tasks

INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGERS plan, coordinate, and direct research, and design the computer-related activities of firms. They oversee the work of systems analysts, computer programmers, and other computer-related workers, such as installation and upgrading of hardware and software; programming and systems design; development of large computer networks; and implementation of Internet and Intranet sites. They analyze the computer and information needs of the company and determine personnel and equipment requirements. They are involved with the upkeep and maintenance and security of networks. They assign and review the work of computer staff, and purchase necessary equipment.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

A bachelor's degree is required for INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER positions. Some employers prefer a master's degree in business administration (MBA) with technology; strong technical knowledge is essential. Most employers prefer to hire those with computer experience as systems analysts, support specialists, programmers, or others. Employers want managers who have experience with a specific software or technology to be used on the job, as well as a background in either consulting or business management.