Security Manager


Work Tasks

SECURITY MANAGERS plan, direct, and implement security procedures, systems, and personnel, to protect private and public property or personnel from theft, fire, and personal injury. They inspect premises to determine security needs, and suggest security measures, such as electronic security systems. They direct installation and check to make sure it works properly. They set up procedures for safe storing of classified materials. They investigate background of personnel, do drug testing and other screenings, to ensure integrity of a company's workforce. They set up safeguards to protect information systems against hackers. They hire security guards and other workers.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

The emphasis on protecting people, property, and information, has increased the need for SECURITY MANAGERS. The American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS) offers the Certification Protection Professional (CPP) program. Those who demonstrate their competency through the qualification and testing program are awarded the CPP. Students should take courses in security, computer science, electronics, business management, law, police science, personnel, and information management. Most security managers have at least a bachelor's degree. Some have a graduate degree.