Executive Housekeeper


Work Tasks

EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPERS ensure that guestrooms, meeting and banquet rooms, and public areas are clean, orderly, and well maintained. They plan work schedules and manage housekeeping staff. In large hotels, most of the work of executive housekeepers is administrative. Executive housekeepers prepare and maintain budgets and reports. They hire and train housekeeping personnel and resolve personnel problems. Executive housekeepers write activity and personnel reports for review by management. Executive housekeepers also develop job descriptions and job task lists. They study and apply current safety regulations and labor laws.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Post-secondary training in hotel management, including courses in hotel administration, accounting, housekeeping, economics, marketing, and hotel maintenance engineering is preferred for most EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER positions. A college liberal arts degree may be sufficient when coupled with related hotel experience. Four-year colleges, community colleges, and vocational schools offer programs that prepare individuals for facility housekeeping. Computer training is also an integral part of hotel management.