Food Service Manager


Work Tasks

FOOD SERVICE MANAGERS are responsible for the overall operation of food service facilities. They select menu items, based on likely number of customers, popularity of certain dishes, and variety on the menu. They analyze the recipes to determine food, labor, and overhead costs and price the menu items accordingly. They supervise cleaning of kitchens and dining areas and the washing of tableware, kitchen utensils, and equipment to maintain sanitation standards. They may help in cooking, serving, and cleaning tasks during busy periods. They hire and train workers and schedule their work hours. They order supplies and keep financial and other records.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Many FOOD SERVICE MANAGER positions are filled by promoting experienced food service workers. However, most employers recruit management trainees from graduates of two and four-year college programs. Employers prefer to hire persons with degrees in restaurant and institutional food service management. Some states require licenses, such as a food handler's license and certification for knowledge of sanitation. Voluntary certification is offered by the National Restaurant Association as recognition of professional competence.