Teacher (Vocational/Technical)


Work Tasks

VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL TEACHERS give instructions on the special skills needed for occupations, such as welder, dental hygienist, x-ray technician, auto mechanic, and cosmetologist. They usually teach in industrial or lab settings so students get hands-on experience. They show students techniques and safety practices, watch them use tools and equipment, and have them repeat procedures until they meet the standards required. They direct activities so students learn to apply knowledge, tools, and skills used to solve problems. They teach communication, construction, manufacturing, and transportation technology. They prepare lesson plans, grade papers and do related paperwork.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Training requirements for VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL TEACHERS vary by state and by subject. Generally, they need a bachelor's or higher degree, plus experience in their field. In some fields, a license or certificate may be all that is required. Teachers update their skills through continuing education to maintain certification. They must also maintain dialogue with businesses to determine the most current skills needed in the workplace. In career and technical institutes, experience and expertise in the related occupation is the most valuable qualification.