Teacher (Business)


Work Tasks

BUSINESS TEACHERS provide instruction and practice in clerical and business skills, such as typing, word processing, and bookkeeping. They may lecture in classrooms and also give students the chance for hands-on experience. They generally demonstrate techniques, have students apply them, and provide criticism so students can learn from their mistakes. They design their classroom presentations to meet student needs and abilities. They assign lessons, give tests, and maintain classroom discipline. They observe and evaluate a student's performance and potential. They prepare lessons and assignments, grade papers, and do related paperwork.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Training requirements for BUSINESS TEACHERS vary widely, depending on the institution. In career schools, they may qualify with experience and expertise in business. In two-year colleges, a master's degree is preferred. Postsecondary career education teachers (business) generally need a bachelor's or higher degree, plus experience in their field. Those in the public school system must be certified. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an approved teacher training program. A master's degree may be needed in a certain time period after certification.