Teacher (Vocational Agriculture)


Work Tasks

VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE TEACHERS teach vocational agriculture subjects in secondary public and private schools and adult education classes. Subjects include farm management; agricultural production, supplies, and services; operation and repair of farm equipment and structures; inspection and processing of farm products; and ornamental horticulture. Vocational agriculture teachers organize programs of practical and technical instruction. They instruct students in subject areas such as science, mathematics, drawing, use of and maintenance of tools and equipment, codes or regulations, and safety precautions.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Education requirements for VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE TEACHERS vary widely by state. The minimum educational requirement for certification is a bachelor's degree from an accredited teacher-training program that includes a period of student teaching. Teachers need work or other experiences in their field, and a license or certificate in fields where these usually are required for full professional status. Many vocational teachers in junior or community colleges do not have a master's or doctoral degree but draw on their work experience and knowledge, bringing practical experience to the classroom.