Database Programmer


Work Tasks

DATABASE PROGRAMMERS plan, design, and develop computer databases. They meet with people who need data to be stored on a computer and then design a database program to meet their needs. Database programmers decide which data to store and how to arrange it. They set up rules for the data so that relationships are maintained. Database programmers discuss the design with database administrators and ask them to grant rights to the people who need to use the database. Database programmers modify database programs to increase their speed. They usually specialize in one type of database management system.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Many employers prefer DATABASE PROGRAMMERS who have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information science, computer information systems, or data processing. Prior work experience is very important. Regardless of college major, employers look for people who are familiar with database management systems, programming languages and have broad knowledge of and experience with computer systems and technologies. The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals offers the designation Certified Computing Professional (CCP) to those who have at least four years of work experience as a computer professional, or at least two years of experience and a college degree.