Receptionist/Information Clerk


Work Tasks

RECEPTIONISTS/INFORMATION CLERKS greet customers and other visitors, determine the nature of their business, and refer them to people who can help them. They also answer questions from the public and provide information about the organization. Receptionist/Information Clerks arrange appointments, answer telephones, keep records of callers, and type memos. They may distribute mail and do some bookkeeping. They may also monitor the attendance of other employees and report this to management.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

A high school diploma is the usual educational requirement for RECEPTIONISTS/INFORMATION CLERKS. They are generally trained on the job. However, some employers prefer to hire individuals who have had formal vocational/technical office education or training, or prior computer and word processing experience. Many schools and colleges offer training in the skills required for clerical occupations. Some schools give certificates or diplomas to those who satisfactorily complete these training programs. No special licensing or certification is required for receptionists/information clerks.