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State Contact Information

Website: Michigan Department of Education

Michigan Department of Education Assessment and Accountability 
Phone: 1.877.560.8378

  • Press 3, for issues related to work skills tests. After selecting option 3, you will be presented the following choices:
    • Press 1 to be connected to the MDE call center. (For issues related to eligibility to test, MDE secure site, Pre-ID, or ordering test materials for work skills tests.)
    • Press 2 to be connected to ACT. (For any test administration questions related to ACT WorkKeys work skills tests.)


ACT Testing: Michigan

ACT WorkKeys - Paper

ACT WorkKeys® tests are research-based measures of foundational work skills essential to career success across industries and occupations. The assessments help to close skill gaps and improve workforce quality.


Schedule of Events (PDF)

More Information on WorkKeys

See the available resources in the drop-downs below. If you have general questions, call 800.553.6244, ext. 2800. For questions specific to accommodations or supports, call 800.553.6244, ext. 1788 or email  

State Code: 23

Test Dates

ACT WorkKeys Paper

  • Initial Test Date: April 11, 2018
  • Makeup Test Date: April 25, 2018
  • Accommodations Testing Window: April 11 - 24, 2018
  • Makeup Accommodations Testing Window: April 25 - May 1, 2018


Important Testing Information


Select Your Testing Staff


Tips For Success

  • Bookmark the url for your state’s testing website (this site) and check back frequently for updated information and content.
  • Mark important dates from your Schedule of Events on your calendar and set reminders for deadlines.
  • Read the What’s New document and pay close attention to recent changes, especially the new ACT WorkKeys test names, test times, and NCRC® credential.
  • Familiarize yourself with the seven stages of the testing cycle (Orientation, Configuration, Verification, Preparation, Administration, Transportation, and Interpretation) by browsing the drop-down trays for ACT WorkKeys. You can see a brief description, action items, and resources associated with each stage to help you get a feel for the testing timeline. Content will be linked as it becomes available.
  • Watch for emails from ACT with important reminders. Add our email address to your contacts to prevent emails from going to spam/junk folders.


Important Links 


PearsonAccessnext is the web application used by testing staff (i.e., test coordinators) to manage participation.


Manage Participation


Identify Needs for Accommodations and/or Supports


Tips for Success

  • Pay close attention to the dates that ACT is asking you to select on the Manage Participation screen. 
  • If you’re updating test coordinator information, it has to be changed in two places: the manage contacts screen and creating a new user account (see the PearsonAccessnext User Guide ACT WorkKeys in the resources above).
  • Review the new Accessibility Support Guide if you have questions about the accommodations and supports available for ACT WorkKeys.

Verify Student Information and Order Materials

  • Verify student information and order additional materials via the OEAA Secure Site.


Tips for Success

  • Tips for Success