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Our mission is to help create thriving workforce ecosystems that foster economic growth. From ACT WorkKeys to WorkKeys Curriculum and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), ACT offers leading workforce development solutions for businesses and communities.

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Measure the talent in your workforce with high-quality assessments that are backed by decades of research and designed by the experts at ACT.

ACT WorkKeys Assessments

ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments are must-have foundational skills assessments for an empowered, thriving workforce.


Go beyond assessment. Give your team members a tangible result of their efforts with our globally recognized scores and certificates. 


ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®) provides must-have skills certification for an empowered, thriving workforce.

ACT WorkKeys Scores 

Beyond the NCRC, WorkKeys® Scores provide globally-recognized indicators of career readiness and workplace success, 


Provide learning opportunities to elevate careers and close skills gaps. Build and retain talented teams that thrive while fostering success in your community. 

ACT WorkKeys Profiling

ACT® WorkKeys® Profiling is your solution to gain deeper insights into your job requirements and identify the core skills required for high-impact performance.

ACT WorkKeys 

ACT® WorkKeys® Curriculum is a proven tool for helping individuals acquire skills critical to workplace success. 

ACT Work Ready Communities 

ACT® Work Ready Communities empowers states, regions, and counties with data, processes, and tools to strengthen their communities. 

2022 ACT Workforce Summit

A Gathering of Workforce Development Leaders

The ACT Workforce Summit is back in person for 2022 as one of the largest annual gatherings of professionals in the Work Ready ecosystem, focusing on credentialed career pathways, hiring skills-based talent, and building a competitive workforce to help communities grow and thrive. New Orleans is the host city for this year’s conference, set to be held October 3-5. The deadline for proposals is May 13. 

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Resources for the Workplace


Your resource for the latest trends, research, and insights on workforce development.


Find tools and resources to help you build the economic strength of your community. 


Listen to "Ready for Work," a bimonthly discussion on strengthening the ecosystem. 


Connect with ACT Workforce Solutions and businesses and communities in our network. 

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