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ACT WorkKeys Solutions empower communities, educators, employers, and individuals with tools that grow resilient workforce ecosystems.

WorkKeys is a system of assessments, curriculum, certification, and skills profiling that builds and measures essential workplace skills that can affect job performance and increase opportunities for career changes and advancement.

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Prepare Your Students for Workplace Success

There’s never been a more challenging time to be an educator. Ensure your students are career ready and boost their employability with ACT WorkKeys solutions.

With WorkKeys, your school can:

  1. Administer WorkKeys Assessments 
  2. Provide test prep for WorkKeys Assessments 
  3. Help students match their interests to job skills profiles
  4. Award college credit for WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate

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Community colleges play a critical role in workforce development across the nation.

Help ensure learner success by closing skills gaps and improve workforce quality with ACT WorkKeys solutions.

With WorkKeys, your school can:

  • Measure learners’ career-ready skills for future success. 
  • Offer learners a nationally recognized credential that will get them noticed by employers. 
  • Help build the essential career-relevant skills needed for learning, personal development, and effective job performance.
  • Match ’ skills to job profiles.
  • Show continuous improvement
  • Effectively communicate and connect with K-12 educators and employers

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Individuals are entering the workforce without the skills employers need.

Take the first step toward closing skills gaps and improving workforce quality with ACT WorkKeys solutions.

WorkKeys will empower you to:

  • Increase opportunities for unskilled and underserved individuals
  • Match job-seekers’ skills to in-demand careers
  • Reduce unemployment rates in your community
  • Effectively communicate and connect with educators and employers

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Pinpoint the Skills Needed to Grow Your Business

Join more than 28,000 employers who request and accept ACT WorkKeys to tap into the most qualified labor pool in your area.

Leverage WorkKeys to:

  1. Administer Assessments for Employees or Candidates 
  2. Purchase Curriculum for Employee Training 
  3. Match Skills to Jobs

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Get Noticed by Employers

  1. Whether you're thinking about the next phase of your education, launching a new career, or making a transition in your current job, ACT WorkKeys can help.
  2. With WorkKeys, you can:
  3. Register to take WorkKeys Assessments
  4. Prepare for WorkKeys Assessments
  5. Earn your National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
  6. Share your NCRC digital badge online

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2024 ACT Workforce Summit

A Gathering of Workforce Development Leaders

The  ACT Workforce Summit is a one-of-a-kind annual event that attracts leaders in workforce and economic development, secondary and postsecondary education, government, and business to connect and learn about the latest trends and strategies in talent and workforce development.

Join us in Atlanta from October 4-6 as we focus on creating credentialed career pathways that supply employers with a reliable talent pipeline. Register by July 19 to receive discounted pricing! 

Create an Elite Community of Workforce Regional Partners

We know that when communities work together, they can achieve truly great things. This is why we created ACT Work Ready Communities (WRC), a collaborative that empowers states, regions, and counties to connect and foster data-driven economic growth. We work with communities to identify and close skills gaps and develop processes and frameworks that help them take their workforce development efforts to the next level.

On-Demand Webinar Series: Driving Economic Growth with CTE and Workforce Policy Innovation

Join ACT for a series of on-demand webinars that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the latest career and technical education (CTE) and workforce development policy innovations, best practices, and strategies to drive economic growth and job creation.  

NRS Approved Solution

ACT WorkKeys Applied Math and Workplace Documents Assessments are approved by the National Reporting System (NRS) and eligible for use under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunuity Act (WIOA) for all adult basic eduation programs.

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