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Identify the WorkKeys Skills Required for Your Job

Determining which individuals are the best fit for your jobs, or which employees are top candidates to receive job-specific training, can be challenging. ACT® WorkKeys® Profiling analyzes specific job tasks and links the required skill level with the ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments to pinpoint benchmarks for hiring, recruiting, advancement, and training.   

The job profiling process tells you which WorkKeys tests and test scores are related to your most in-demand jobs. Customize your use of WorkKeys by conducting and receiving a WorkKeys Job Profile. 

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How Businesses are Using WorkKeys Profiling

Better Hiring with Profiling –
Reynold’s American Inc.

“Being trained as an ACT WorkKeys job profiler has helped Reynolds American Inc. better incorporate WorkKeys in our hiring, promotion, and training practices. We were also able to successfully align the pre-hire assessment capabilities at all five of our manufacturing locations.” 

Barbara R. Carter, Talent Acquisition Partner – Regulatory, Reynolds American, Inc. 

Barbara R. Carter
Talent Acquisition Partner 

Hire the Right People for the Job -
Newell Coach

Oklahoma-based, luxury motor company, Newell, turned to ACT WorkKeys solutions to ensure their hiring practices demonstrated the same level of commitment that the company has for quality and innovation. 

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