ACT Workforce Solutions Success Stories, Case Studies, and Research


Raise the Quality of New Hires, Reduce Turnover and Costs

Louisiana-based forestry and wood-products manufacturer RoyOMartin used ACT® WorkKeys® solutions as a valid and reliable tool to match skills to jobs.

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Reduce Training Costs and Improve Efficiency

Mercedes-Benz has successfully reduced training costs and improved efficiency in hiring by leveraging ACT Workkeys for their mechatronics and automotive technician apprenticeship programs in West Alabama.

Newell Coach

Hire the Right People for the Job

Oklahoma-based, luxury motor company, Newell, turned to ACT WorkKeys solutions to ensure their hiring practices demonstrated the same level of commitment that the company has for quality and innovation. 


Carthage Water & Electric Plant

Measure Hard & Soft Skills for Hiring

The Carthage Water & Electric Plant administration turned to ACT WorkKeys solutions for greater insight and more informed decisions regarding potential hires.


Optimize Hiring, Training, and Retention 

Click Bond first tested all employees in key production areas using the ACT WorkKeys, and eventually incorporated the assessment into their hiring process. 


Improve Quality of New Hires and Create Workforce Pipeline

Eastman uses ACT Workforce Solutions to build a high-performance workforce and also works with local schools to develop a workforce pipeline in Tennessee. 

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Reduce Turnover and Improve Employee Confidence

Investing in ACT WorkKeys increased Phifer’s bottom line and communicated to employees that Phifer was investing in them.

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South Carolina
Tri-County Region

Establish a Dependable Talent Pipeline

With a projected 6.25% increase in local manufacturing jobs, businesses and regional workforce partners in South Carolina’s Tri-Country turned to ACT Workforce Solutions. 

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Toray Industries

Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity, and Identify Qualified Candidates

When Toray Industries wanted to expand and hire 200 people in Decatur, Alabama, they collaborated with Calhoun Community College to implement the ACT WorkKeys assessment system.


Condition of Career Pathway Readiness in the United States

The Condition of Career Pathway Readiness in the US research report features information on skills necessary to succeed in various careers using WorkKeys data.

Condition of Career Pathway Readiness Report (PDF)

Income Trends for NCRC Earners

Individuals often question the validity of an assessment they take. That’s why ACT Research investigates the trends between income and WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®). A new study reinforces previous ACT findings that higher NCRC levels are correlated to higher income levels. 

NCRC Income Trends Report (PDF)

Increase higher education enrollment and build the talent pipeline

Research from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning shows connections between prior learning assessment programs and persistence to graduation. Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin reaped the benefits when they started offering college credits for the ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate®. See how PLA and the NCRC go hand-in-hand.

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Keeping a strong economy growing

For Mississippi County, Arkansas, becoming an ACT® Work Ready Community was about making a good situation even better.

Mississippi County, Arkansas Case Study (PDF)


R.J. Reynolds targets a highly-skilled workforce candidate pool

North Carolina-based R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company uses the ACT WorkKeys® system as part of its robust pre-hire screening and hiring process.

RJ Reynolds Case Study (PDF)

Boeing reduces training time and improves retention with ACT WorkKeys Assessments

Learn how Boeing reduced hiring and training time by implementing WorkKeys Assessments into the Assembly Mechanic pre-employment training programs

Boeing Case Study (PDF)

Positive relationship between higher NCRC and WorkKeys skill levels and wages.

A study of Adult NCRC examinee data shows that, on average, individuals who score higher on the WorkKeys Assessments and earn high levels on the NCRC can expect short and long-term increases in wages.

Adult NCRC Examinee Case Study (PDF)

Preparing students for workplace success

To satisfy the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s goal of providing a comprehensive approach to college and career readiness, educators use WorkKeys® assessments to help students measure their skills—and see how they compare to what employers require.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Case Study (PDF)

Helping job seekers stand out to employers

Phillips Staffing deployed ACT-authorized job profilers to work directly with area employers to analyze jobs and identify required skill levels. Next they used WorkKeys assessments to help their clients measure and certify the skills employers needed.

Phillips Staffing Case Study (PDF)

Matching the right people to a specialized job

The Lexington County, South Carolina, 911 Communications Center needed to find the right people for a highly specialized job. The center worked with an ACT job profiler to better understand their needs, and then they administered WorkKeys assessments to measure applicants’ skills, which reduced their turnover and improved training.

Lexington County 911 Communications Center Case Study (PDF)

Reducing employee turnover and product waste

Berner Foods was experiencing high turnover, significant training time and cost, and product waste due to evolving technology and related skill requirements. A combination of Job Profiling, WorkKeys, and the National Career Readiness Certificate helped them better understand the skills they need—and find the people who had them.

Berner Foods Case Study (PDF)

Identifying quality applicants

Inova Health was approaching a turnover rate of nearly 50 percent for two vital, entry-level positions. They were caught in a cycle of making quick hires instead of quality ones. By implementing WorkKeys, they found a way to instead make a quality hire more quickly and drastically reduce their turnover.

Inova Health Case Study (PDF)

Using skills certification to find the best talent

A new plant meant new growth opportunities for CG Power Systems. But it also meant new challenges. Changing skill requirements meant finding high-quality candidates for the new facility. The National Career Readiness Certificate helped them verify candidates’ skill levels and make the right hires.

CG Power Systems Case Study (PDF)

Streamlining applicant screening

Subaru of Indiana Automotive used their region’s largest single job creation initiative in nearly 20 years to double its plant’s production capabilities and open more than 1,000 new jobs—for which 22,300 applications were received. ACT helped them establish an efficient screening system to hire the best people from the pool of candidates.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive Case Study (PDF)

Finding work faster

When Ohio’s economy struggled, hundreds of manufacturing employees lost their jobs—with no documentation of the skill levels they had developed. State workforce and social service agencies, along with union organizations, turned to the National Career Readiness Certificate to help the displaced workers verify their skill levels and find employment.

State of Ohio Case Study (PDF)

Condition of Career Pathway Readiness in the United States

The Condition of Career Pathway Readiness in the US research report features information on skills necessary to succeed in various careers using WorkKeys data.

Condition of Career Pathway Readiness Report (PDF)

Ensuring a skilled workforce for thousands of job openings

To address both long- and short-term workforce development plans, the West Alabama region came together to develop a holistic approach supported by ACT WorkKeys® solutions.

West Alabama Case Study (PDF)


Finding trainable talent

Frustrated with traditional hiring practices, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics worked with the Tri-County Region to develop a skilled talent pipeline using ACT WorkKeys® solutions.

Glen Raven Case Study (PDF)

Wanted: Employees with the right skills

General Plug and Manufacturing partnered on a regional CNC credentialing program using ACT WorkKeys® solutions.

General Plug and Manufacturing Case Study (PDF)

Regional skill shifts

Facing sudden negative economic impact, Lorain County, Ohio, focused on reskilling workers, especially steelworkers, for new careers as they developed an emerging workforce for key sectors.

Lorain County, Ohio case Study (PDF)

Improving retention and employee safety

Facing employee turnover as high as 100%, Gilchrist Construction Company used ACTWorkKeys® solutions to improve hiring, retention, training, safety, and productivity at their Louisiana-based facility.

Gilchrist Construction Case Study (PDF)


Developing highly skilled, specialized talent pipeline from the ground up

In need of workers with very specific, highly specialized skills not found in the region, Safran Aerospace Composites, Inc. used ACT WorkKeys® solutions to develop local talent.

Safran Aerospace Composites, Inc. Case Study (PDF)



From Corrections to Careers

For Southeast Correctional Center in Missouri, reentry efforts go hand-in-hand with ACT® WorkKeys® and the National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®).


Connecting Alabama Counties and Education for a Career-Ready State

Alabama counties leverage ACT WorkKeys to identify career interest, opportunities for training, and connect labor to regional demand.

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