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Success Stories

From Corrections to Careers

For Southeast Correctional Center in Missouri, reentry efforts go hand-in-hand with ACT® WorkKeys® and the National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®).


Connecting Alabama Counties and Education for a Career-Ready State

Alabama counties leverage ACT WorkKeys to identify career interest, opportunities for training, and connect labor to regional demand.


Turning Talent Into Eastman’s Competitive Advantage

See how advanced manufacturer uses ACT WorkKeys to develop their talent pipeline, improve the quality of new hires, and build the regional workforce.


Hiring for Skills is a Win-Win for Daikin America

Finding the right workers to fill vacant positions can be a challenge. When it comes to hiring, Daikin America focuses on people-centered management.


Driving Workforce Results for Mercedes-Benz

Automobile manufacturer uses ACT WorkKeys as a human resources tool and reduces training costs and improves efficiency.



Raise the Quality of New Hires, Reduce Turnover and Costs

Louisiana-based forestry and wood-products manufacturer RoyOMartin used ACT® WorkKeys® solutions as a valid and reliable tool to match skills to jobs.

Read RoyOMartin Story (PDF)

Newell Coach

Hire the Right People for the Job

Oklahoma-based, luxury motor company, Newell, turned to ACT WorkKeys solutions to ensure their hiring practices demonstrated the same level of commitment that the company has for quality and innovation. 

Carthage Water & Electric Plant

Measure Hard & Soft Skills for Hiring

The Carthage Water & Electric Plant administration turned to ACT WorkKeys solutions for greater insight and more informed decisions regarding potential hires.



Optimize Hiring, Training, and Retention 

Click Bond first tested all employees in key production areas using the ACT WorkKeys, and eventually incorporated the assessment into their hiring process. 

Toray Industries

Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity, and Identify Qualified Candidates

When Toray Industries wanted to expand and hire 200 people in Decatur, Alabama, they collaborated with Calhoun Community College to implement the ACT WorkKeys assessment system.


Income Trends for NCRC Earners

Individuals often question the validity of an assessment they take. That’s why ACT Research investigates the trends between income and WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®). A new study reinforces previous ACT findings that higher NCRC levels are correlated to higher income levels. 

NCRC Income Trends Report (PDF)



Keeping a strong economy growing

For Mississippi County, Arkansas, becoming an ACT® Work Ready Community was about making a good situation even better.

Mississippi County, Arkansas Case Study (PDF)

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