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Postsecondary Professionals

Discover resources, products, and research to help students succeed at your institution.

Promoting Student Success

Using Data for Strategic Recruiting

"The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that you have to do more than just dutifully send out postcards. You have to scrutinize the data and strategize and figure out how you can address each potential student as an individual.” 

– Katie Young, Director of Admissions, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2017

Progress report on the 2017 ACT-tested graduating class

ACT College and Career Readiness Workshops

Set your students up for success. Learn how to use ACT assessments and data.

ACT Enrollment Management Services (EMS)

Setting and Achieving Enrollment Goals

Knowing which students to recruit, and how to best help the ones you do, can be a challenge. Good data can help remove the guesswork.

ACT WorkKeys

Improving Your Students' Employability

Educators can help students measure and certify their workplace skills, and provide training to develop skillsets—including the soft skills valued by employers across jobs and industries.

ACT Engage College

Measure Behaviors that Help Determine Student Success

Evaluate students' self-reported psychosocial attributes, determine their levels of academic risk, and identify interventions to help them succeed.

The ACT Test

Helping Your Students Get to the Finish Line

When students are ready for college, dropout rates and remediation costs are lower and more students persist in graduating. ACT research related to college readiness and success is rich and extensive and offers insights your institution can use.

Stay current! Get the latest news and information about improvements to the ACT.

ACT Enrollment Management Webinar

Free Live Webinar

Learn about ACT® test-taking trends, free ACT reports, ACT postsecondary solutions, and strategic enrollment management services.

Join the Share Your Road Community

A Special Partnership of the ACT Center for Equity in Learning

ACT invites you to share your road to college and into a successful career. By sharing your journey, you provide encouragement and inspiration that can help pave the road for those who follow.

Considering the Whole Student: Better Preparation for Success

Free Webinar

Learn about a new educational model that better prepares students for career success.

Related Research

The Condition of STEM 2016

ACT research shows that students with an interest in STEM show higher levels of college readiness than ACT-tested students as a whole.

The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2016

A detailed look at the attainment of college and career readiness by the graduating class of 2016, with discussion of factors, implications, and recommendations.

A Common Language for Career Readiness

This paper reviews ACT’s current definition of college readiness, and presents workable, policy-relevant definitions of career readiness and work readiness.

University Success

“It’s not just about successful recruiting and retention.  It’s about successful graduates in successful careers 10 years out.  We don’t want that student relationship to end.  We want them back on campus and involved for life.  EOS provides us with a strategy for forming lifelong relationships with students, graduates, and alumni.” –

Jim Maraviglia, Associate Vice Provost for Marketing and Enrollment Development, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

The ACT Institutional Data Questionnaire

Millions of students take the ACT test each year.  Make sure students receive the most current information about your institution on ACT score reports by completing the ACT Institutional Data Questionnaire each year.

ACT Products for Colleges and Universities

ACT Enrollment Management

Service Suite

A suite of programs designed to provide clear and accurate measures of student abilities, interests, needs, and enrollment preferences.

ACT Engage College


Identify and assist students who are most likely to have academic difficulties or drop out during their first year.

ACT Workkeys

Product Suite

Improve your students’ employability.

Social Media Resources

Stay connected to ACT through a variety of social media channels.

ACT Voice®

Make Your Voice Heard

Join ACT Voice, a free research panel. Participate in future market research studies. Share your opinions about ACT products and services or about your industry. Some studies offer compensation for participation.

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