ACT On-Campus Testing

Deliver the ACT On-Campus Test to Students on Your Schedule and on Your Campus

Attract, Admit, Enroll, and Guide Students on the Path to Success

A versatile on-campus testing program used by hundreds of colleges across the country.

  • An ACT On-Campus™ test is an alternative to the ACT® test that enables colleges to proctor and immediately self-score an ACT test form any day of the week, on their campus. Results of this unique offering can provide insight into a student’s achievement level. ACT On-Campus results may be used only at the college that administers the exam. Score results are not transferable to other institutions.   
  • The ACT On-Campus program provides colleges with an efficient method to administer and immediately self-score a test for students that are unable to take the ACT test in time to meet the college’s deadlines or need retesting on a specific campus.
Colleges decide how to use ACT On-Campus results:  
  • Admissions Decisions
  • Merit Based Scholarship Decisions
  • Placement Decisions
  • Summer Bridge Programs
  • Advanced Placement Decisions

Multiple Measures Mean More

When it comes to course placement, ACT research shows that using a multiple-measure approach is best. Colleges can more accurately predict a student’s success in credit-bearing courses when using GPA and ACT test scores. 

What Your Colleagues are Saying About ACT On-Campus Testing

"We offer ACT On-Campus testing on our campus. It is a great solution to offer to our local high school students that are seeking dual credit or regular admissions that may have missed a national ACT test."

Justin Pearson
Executive Director of Enrollment Management 
University of South Carolina System

“Northern Oklahoma College has been using the easy to administer ACT On-Campus testing test for many years. We give it during the weekday to any students that may have missed the state-wide ACT or want to retake for NOC admissions, course placement and scholarship decisions.” 

Rick Edgington 
Vice President of Enrollment Management 
Northern Oklahoma College

“We offer the ACT On-Campus test  for students interested in applying for admissions to Kent State University. We make it easy for students to schedule and we proctor at any of our campuses for their convenience.” 

Judy Huber
Coordinator, University Testing Services
Kent State University 

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