ACT District Standardized Testing

Their Journey. Many Paths.

Did you know that your school or district can offer an official administration of the ACT test during a school day? 

Drive Equity and Increase Access

When students have the opportunity to take the ACT at their own school, it ensures that ALL students have a pathway to a brighter future.

Raise Student Awareness

Participation raises college awareness among all students. Taking the ACT at their own school can help them realize they have the skills to perform college-level coursework.

Help Students Take the Next Step

Use insights from the Interest Inventory that your students fill out as part of ACT District Testing to have important conversations with them about how their interests align with their strengths.

Bring the ACT to Students in the Classroom

ACT® District Testing enables schools, districts, and states to offer the ACT to juniors and seniors in school, on a weekday, expanding access to a globally recognized college admission test. Download the District Testing Overview (PDF).

From flexible ordering options and pricing to implementation tactics and tools, ACT makes it easy for your school or district to administer ACT District Testing, enabling you to administer the ACT to your students on a school day.  

The Importance of District Testing

Gary Campanelli, Director of Guidance and Student Outcomes at Hauppauge School District, discusses why he finds offering ACT District Testing to his students so important for school districts.

Increase College Access and Opportunities for All Students

The gold standard in standardized assessments.

Across the nation, states and districts are using the ACT® and instructional improvement programs to enhance students' college and career readiness. The ACT test motivates students to perform to their best ability and reflects what students have learned throughout high school. 

Since 2007, students in 50 states have earned college-reportable scores taking the ACT test in their own classrooms.
The ACT test raises college awareness among students and gives them confidence in performing college-level coursework.
The ACT is tied closely to your district’s curriculum—it’s always been about what students learn in school.

Ready to Bring the ACT to Your Students?