ACT District Testing Success Stories

Charting a Course to Success

See how educators are using the ACT to improve and track students' readiness for college and career.

As an educator, you’re tasked with not only preparing but inspiring your students toward a brighter future.

Schools like Hayden Catholic High School in Kansas meet this challenge each year by bringing the ACT test to their classrooms, giving students a comfortable and familiar setting for high-stakes college readiness testing.

ACT District Testing has been a wonderful experience for our students and our school this year. We were able to provide a safe and comfortable environment on our campus during the school week to over 130 of our students. Being able to offer it during the school week was amazing...!

Carrie Schmidt, Hayden Catholic High School

An Arkansas Community Comes Together for Student Success

How ACT solutions help improve students’ ACT test scores and open many different paths to success. 

One Counselor Has Million Dollar Impact

Taking the ACT® along with the SAT® may lead to more scholarship and financial opportunities.

Engaging English Learner Families

In Palm Beach County School District, many of the ELL students had never been in a structured school environment, so expecting them to excel without knowing the language was unreasonable.

Belief in Educators, Students, and Families Leads to Higher Achievement

The Louisiana Department of Education's "Louisiana Believes" program has helped Louisiana’s high school graduation rate rise by 5.2%.

Assess, Analyze, Achieve: Aligning Curriculum for District and Student Success

Helena Public School District in Helena, Montana used the ACT® data to develop a robust curriculum that led to increased district and student success.


One Counselor Has a Million Dollar Impact

A school counselor at Morse High School in Maine documented over 10 years of her students taking both the ACT and SAT and found more scholarships favored the ACT.

How to Affect School Culture with Data Visualization

Cody High School in Cody, Wyoming, uses data visualization to transform student ACT scores and GPA information into action.

College & Career Readiness Day: Setting a Higher Standard to Increase Student Success

Affton High School in St. Louis, Missouri wanted to set a standard that all students who want a higher education have the academic skills to earn one.


Senior Retake Day: Open New Doors of Opportunity

The Tennessee Department of Education set yearly growth goals and is seeing a significant impact.

Generating Excitement for the ACT: The Arkansas "No Limits" Campaign

The Arkansas Department of Education "No Limits" campaign encourages students to aim higher, perhaps higher than they had imagined possible.

Supporting the Whole Student: Using ACT Data to Start Conversations, Remove Barriers & Open Doors

Newport High School in Newport, Oregon, is using ACT data to remove barriers and open doors.