An Educator's Guide to College and Career Readiness

How to Pave a Future Planning Path for Your Students to Follow

What do we mean when we say "college and career readiness"? Do your students know? What about their parents and guardians? Helping them understand readiness and whether they're on the path to achieve it is a crucial step in preparing them for the future.

This College and Career Readiness Guide will help you:

  • Fully define and map out paths to readiness for your students, with frameworks and tools you can start using immediately.
  • Plan month by month which activities can give you, your staff, and your families a readiness focus.
  • Determine best practices using real-life examples of schools who have found proven success when planning readiness paths.
  • Plan for the "X factors" of readiness and sidestep pitfalls during design and execution of your plan.