K12 Social Emotional Learning Resources

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Learn How to Create an SEL Program

Overcome the challenge of establishing an effective Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program through eight steps supported by research and experts.

Improving School Climate by Developing SEL

Improve school climate by developing emotional skills and competencies for ALL students, not for just the behaviorally challenged ones.

“X Factor” for College Readiness: Social and Emotional Learning

Research confirms SEL skills strongly predict academic achievement, career success, and lifelong well-being.

SEL + MTSS: How to Empower Middle Schoolers to Navigate Rough Waters

Using SEL as part of a multi-tiered support system to help middle schoolers stay resilient. 


Webinar: How District Leaders are Using Social Emotional Learning to Promote Equity in Education

View this on-demand webinar to learn more about the role of social and emotional learning in advancing equity and success; equity-focused lessons learned from SEL research with students of color and from low-income communities; and innovative social and emotional strategies and tools that educators can use to improve student outcomes post pandemic. Duration: 60 minutes.


Jumpstart Your SEL Planning

Provides proven steps to enhance SEL programming throughout your district and school.

Does Teaching SEL Make a Difference?

The effects of SEL instruction in the classroom.

Demystifying Social-Emotional Learning

How measuring SEL skills affects classroom achievement and beyond.

SEL and Trauma-Informed Practices: Creating a Support Environment for all Learners

Explores the impact of trauma on students and how educators can apply trauma-informed practices in their classroom and the school at-large.

How to Stem a "Covid-19" Learning Slide

Help students expand their "Can Do Circle" in both academic and personal areas and adopt a growth mindset for future success.

SEL Best Practices for Any Learning Environment 

How to help fuel positive school climate, and take away applicable SEL best practices for distance learning, in-classroom learning, or a hybrid approach.


Maintaining Composure
Social Connection
Sustaining Effort
Getting Along with Others
Keeping an Open Mind

ACT Solution for Social Emotional Learning