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9 Principles of High Quality Assessments
Supporting English Language Learners
Communication to Students
Poster to Improve Student Test Scores 
Dual Enrollment Programs
Your High School Profile Report
Improving ACT Test Scores 
Useful Data for Early Intervention
8 Key Findings About STEM in the U.S. 
Learn How to Create an SEL Program
Maximize Your ACT Profile Report
The Art of Declaring a Major
Two Factors Related to Degree Completion 
District Testing: Why ACT is the Right Choice 
A Comprehensive Assessment Plan 
Measuring School Climate

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Jumpstart Your SEL Planning
Provides proven steps to enhance SEL programming throughout your district and school.

Best of Both Worlds: Assessments that Help Every Student Succeed
How the ACT can be used to satisfy ESSA requirements and point students toward college.

Evening the Odds for College-Bound Students
A holistic approach to career and college readiness curricula for college-bound students.

The “X Factors” of College Readiness
How school and student characteristics affect college readiness.


Does Teaching SEL Make a Difference?
The effects of SEL instruction in the classroom.

Demystifying Social-Emotional Learning
How measuring SEL skills affects classroom achievement and beyond.

Covering All the Angles of Student Success
Using many sources to inform admissions and student support decisions.


Helping Underserved Students "Aim Higher"
Lifting barriers by holding students to higher standards.

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What is your best advice for preparing students to take the ACT?

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When should students take the ACT?

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What resources does ACT have for counselors?

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How can an employer develop or strengthen an apprenticeship program?


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How do ACT solutions track longitudinal progress?

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What is the Holistic Framework?

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How can educators use the Holistic Framework?

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What insights can schools gain from ACT data?


The Value of Social and Emotional Learning

Income Trends for ACT WorkKeys NCRC Earners


ACT Composite Score and College Persistence

Assessing Effectiveness of CollegeReady


Does Test Anxiety Bias ACT Scores?

ACT CollegeReady Can Improve College-Level English Performance

Effects of PreACT Adoption on College Readiness Outcomes

ACT Academy for Teachers


District Testing: 4 Reasons Why ACT Is The Right Choice

Helping People Achieve Education and Workplace Success

ACT Holistic Framework

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