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Online Assessment Planner

Quickly and easily build a comprehensive assessment plan.

The ACT Online Assessment Planner gives you the ability to plan a detailed schedule of assessments that provides an unbroken chain of data to support and enhance whole student learning from elementary through career.

This tool provides you with a simple, visual layout of your current assessments across grades and ACT Holistic Framework domains, as well as recommended solutions to complete your comprehensive assessment plan.



Poster to Improve Student Test Scores 

Provide relational insight to your school about what students have learned and what they are ready to learn next with ACT® College and Career Readiness Standards posters.

Your High School Profile Report

Gain essential insights about students’ needs, interests, backgrounds, and abilities plus how to put these findings to use with the ACT High School Profile Report.

Improving ACT Test Scores 

Prepare students to do their best by familiarizing them with the format and questions of the ACT® test through several free and affordable test prep solutions offered by ACT.

Maximize Your ACT Profile Report

Evaluate the selection and rigor of your curriculum and analyze student performance patterns with ACT® High School Profile Reports.

On-Demand Webinars

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Fuel Your Future Planning with ACT Data
Learn how you can use ACT data for future planning and even revising your current goals within the context of college readiness measures. 

Superscoring: Is it Fair?
This webinar summarizes empirical evidence on the validity and fairness of various score use policies with an emphasis on superscoring.

Covering All the Angles of Student Success
Using many sources to inform admissions and student support decisions.


Success Stories


District Testing: 4 Reasons Why ACT is the Right Choice

The Value of Social and Emotional Learning

ACT Holistic Framework



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