K-12 Career Readiness Resources

Get the eBook for Educators: Guide to College and Career Readiness Planning

This guide will help you inform students and their supporters, from kindergarten to graduation, how to pave a path to their future success.

Webinar: Creating a College and Career Readiness Day

Join ACT experts and guest speakers to discover what a College and Career Readiness Day is and how to have a successful event at your school. 

Join us for a live webinar in January 2024 to hear why and how to plan a robust day designed to promote a college- and career-ready culture. 

ACT District Testing College and Career Readiness Day (CCR Day)

Dr. Ryan Luhning discusses ACT District Testing College and Career Readiness Day (CCR Day).

CCR State Standards Alignment College Predictor

Dr. Ryan Luhning discusses how College and Career Readiness Standards align to predictions of college success.


ACT WorkKeys

Help your students build, measure, and share essential workplace skills.

NCRC Digital Badging

Learn more about how students can earn a National Career Readiness Certificate and be awarded with a portable digital badge.

Podcast: The Role of Occupational Identity for Early Career Professionals

Discover the role of occupational identity for career pathway success, with tips for job counselors, educators, and employers alike. 

Podcast: Nine Elements to Improve Apprenticeship Quality and Completion

A toolkit with resources and scalable options of good, better, and best to provide apprenticeship coordinators flexibility in how to organize their efforts.

The Value of WorkKeys for an Educator
The Value of WorkKeys for a Job Seeker

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