K12 Career Readiness Resources

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My Journey: Connections

A free virtual event hosted by ACT.

Did you know ACT hosts live, free events for students and their families to help with college and career planning?  We welcome our partners in K12 to join us as well so that you have as many resources as possible to help your students.   

For our first event of the new year, join us and an expert career coach as he shares top tips that will help guide students to having a better understanding of how to pick a major, shape their career, and find personal success. 

Thursday, February 16, 2023 6:00 p.m., CT  

Get the eBook for Educators: Guide to College and Career Readiness Planning

This guide will help you inform students and their supporters, from kindergarten to graduation, how to pave a path to their future successs.

Career Exploration

Interest Inventories will get your students on the right path toward understanding how their interests coorelate to possible careers.

NCRC Digital Badging

Learn more about how students can earn a National Career Readiness Certificate and be awarded with a portable digital badge.

Podcast: The Role of Occupational Identity for Early Career Professionals

Discover the role of occupational identity for career pathway success, with tips for job counselors, educators, and employers alike. 

Podcast: Digital Badges Expand Reach and Impact of WorkKeys

The value of badging and best practices for integrating badges for educators and employers.

Podcast: Nine Elements to Improve Apprenticeship Quality and Completion

A toolkit with resources and scalable options of good, better, and best to provide apprenticeship coordinators flexibility in how to organize their efforts.

Webinar: K-12 Holistic Framework

Learn about ACT’s Holistic Framework, a multidimensional way to prepare students for college and career success.

The Value of WorkKeys for an Educator
The Value of WorkKeys for a Job Seeker