ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

The Must-Have Skills Certification for an Empowered, Thriving Workforce

Build a Better Workforce with WorkKeys Scores and the NCRC

Verify and certify the essential foundational skills for workplace success  with the  ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC  – a portable, evidence-based credential that is earned by completing the following three WorkKeys assessments: Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents

Beyond the NCRC, WorkKeys scores validate competencies in Applied Technology, Business Writing, Workplace Observation, Fit, and Talent allowing you to make a more informed decision about who you hire.

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5 Million NCRCs Earned...and Counting

Participants are leveraging the NCRC to measure and close the skills gap — and building common frameworks that link, align, and match their workforce development efforts.

How Businesses Benefit from WorkKeys

Optimized Hiring, Training, and Retention -
Click Bond

Finding the right people for the right job is critical in manufacturing today, especially when you design and manufacture innovative solutions for aerospace and other industrial sectors.

Headquartered in Nevada, Click Bond, Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated business that pioneers advanced solutions in assembly hardware. Advanced manufacturing requires employees with advanced skills. Like other manufacturing companies, Click Bond, Inc. faced a skills gap – so they turned to ACT® Workforce solutions.     

Click Bond first tested all employees in key production areas using the ACT® WorkKeys®, and eventually incorporated the assessment into the hiring process. Over time, the company found the NCRC reliably predicted aptitude. Ultimately, the NCRC has saved the company time and money because it provides a better pool of candidates. Click Bond employees acknowledge access to opportunities that wouldn’t be available to them if they did not earn an NCRC.


Measuring Hard and Soft Skills for Hiring –
Carthage Water & Electric Plant

Hiring the right people for the right jobs is especially critical for small organizations with limited resources. 

Carthage Water & Electric Plant (CWEP) is a municipally-owned, locally-controlled, not-for-profit electric utility company responsible for operating and maintaining water, electric, and communications systems in Carthage, Missouri. Without full-time human resources, it was expensive for CWEP to hire and retain employees with the right skills. 

CWEP administration turned to WorkKeys solutions to gain greater insight and make more informed decisions regarding potential hires. Skills from the NCRC, such as locating information and communicating clearly, are critical to job success for the utility company. Using the WorkKeys Talent assessment, CWEP is also able to evaluate applicants’ soft skills, such as management skills, work ethic, or safety awareness. 


Assess, Certify, and Grow Your Workforce

Profile your most-needed job roles. Assess your talent pool. Empower your team with a nationally-recognized credential. 
All with ACT® Workforce Solutions.


Hire with confidence with ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments. Good hiring decisions are made when you understand job candidate skills through these proven assessments.


Elevate your talent and hire the best candidates with 
ACT® WorkKeys® Scores, a globally-recognized indicator of readiness and workplace success. 


Ensure your employees build the skills they need for personal development and effective job performance with ACT® WorkKeys® Curriculum.

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