ACT WorkKeys - Career Readiness Curriculum

Build Essential Career-Relevant Skills

Help individuals build the essential career-relevant skills needed for learning, personal development and effective job performance with the ACT® WorkKeys® Curriculum. 

ACT has been working to improve career readiness and close the skills gap for more than 50 years. ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is a proven tool for helping individuals acquire skills critical to workplace success. It’s the only curriculum built from the ground up to align with ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments and the ACT® National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®).

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum - a Proven Tool


The curriculum is easy to implement and can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with a browser that supports HTML5. No apps to install. No plugins necessary. It’s that simple.


Each course has a pre-course placement screener to suggest an appropriate starting point for each learner to begin working within the lessons, with distinct, but linked modules.


Each course offers end-of-level quizzes to check for mastery of content at each level within the course. 


Each level module contains multiple topics, and most include opportunities for learners to practice skills via embedded, interactive components. 

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum Courses

The WorkKeys Curriculum is the only curriculum built from the ground up to align with the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Assessments.

WorkKeys NCRC-Aligned Courses

To earn the WorkKeys NCRC, candidates must successfully complete WorkKeys Assessments in Applied MathGraphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents.  

WorkKeys-Aligned Courses

Beyond courses that align with the WorkKeys NCRC Assessments, WorkKeys-Aligned Courses prepare individuals to take the other WorkKeys Assessments—Applied TechnologyBusiness Writing, and Workplace Observation—and take their professional development even further. 

Essential Skills Courses

Developing technical skills is crucial for on-the-job success, but the WorkKeys Curriculum goes further by addressing life and employability skills and tools. It’s all part of our dedication to help develop a person holistically, not just technically. 

Administering ACT WorkKeys Curriculum

Courses are delivered via a personalized, mobile-based learning management system. The platform delivers a meaningful learning experience and provides users with a customized study schedule and detailed instructional content.

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