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What Are WorkKeys Digital Badges?

Digital badges (also known as digital credentials) quickly demonstrate an earner’s skills and competencies. WorkKeys digital badges are earned by taking WorkKeys Assessments, which measure portable career readiness skills. Job seekers, employees, and college applicants use WorkKeys digital badges when seeking new career and educational opportunities. 

Individuals who earn an ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) or take the ACT WorkKeys Essential Skills Assessment can receive a digital badge to communicate their accomplishments. Many earners will include a badge on their resumes, websites, and social media profiles.

The WorkKeys NCRC measures and certifies the foundational work skills — Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, Workplace Documents — needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations.

ACT WorkKeys Essential Skills measures individuals’ employability skills — Integrity, Work Ethic, Collaboration, Resilience, Leadership, and Creativity — that predict workplace success.  

Why Offer WorkKeys Digital Badges?

WorkKeys digital badges, via Credly, help you quickly verify an individual’s skillset as evidenced by their WorkKeys scores. This saves time in hiring, training, postsecondary program decisions, credit for prior learning and experiences, and other high-stakes decisions.

Offering WorkKeys digital badges to the individuals you serve gives them an efficient and impactful way to demonstrate their career skill achievements.

For decades, workforce and education leaders have trusted and used WorkKeys insights as indicators of foundational career skills. WorkKeys digital badges help communicate those skills in a simplified, easily verified way.

If you offer WorkKeys Assessments, you automatically give your learners the opportunity to earn digital badges. Be sure to promote WorkKeys digital badging eligibility in communications on your website, social media, job postings, and emails.

How to Search for WorkKeys Badge Earners on Credly

Organizations can find and verify WorkKeys digital badge recipients’ achievements using the Credly Earner Directory. The verification process makes it easy to discover individuals’ skill achievements when they’re shared online, while you can rest assured that WorkKeys scores reflect that the individual has earned a range of skills relevant across industries.

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