ACT WorkKeys Career Assessments

Measure Career-Relevant Skills for Workplace Success 

ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments are the cornerstone of ACT workforce solutions. The assessments measure foundational skills required for success in the workplace, and help measure the workplace skills that can affect job performance. 

Benefits of ACT WorkKeys Assessments and
How They Work for You

Offer varying levels of difficulty. 

Build on each other from prior levels.

Most are web-based and take one hour.

Offered in English and Spanish.

Find a WorkKeys Assessment Test Center

There are hundreds of locations licensed to provide WorkKeys assessment services throughout the United States. Use the search feature to find one near you!

Must-Have Skills Assessments for a Thriving Workforce

WorkKeys Assessments are Relevant

Developed to solve actual workplace problems.

Unlike other assessments, they don’t simply give an indication of reading and writing competency. Instead, they measure a range of hard and soft skills relevant to any occupation, at any level, and across industries.

WorkKeys Assessments are Recognized

Successful completion of WorkKeys core assessments can lead to earning an ACT WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT WorkKeys NCRC®)—a credential that verifies the skills found to be most essential across industries and occupations.  

Measure Educational Gains with NRS Approved WorkKeys

ACT WorkKeys Applied Math and Workplace Documents Assessments are approved by the National Reporting System (NRS) for measuring educational gains in adult education and are eligible for use under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for all adult basic education programs.  

Administering ACT WorkKeys Assessments

ACT administers and scores millions of tests each year with the highest levels of integrity and accuracy. Being a test administrator for WorkKeys® requires that you have an active understanding of our testing policies and procedures. WorkKeys assessments are considered high stakes, so all members of the testing staff are required to complete a training program in preparation for test center operations. 

Validity Evidence Report

ACT is committed to ensuring that the three WorkKeys assessments measure relevant cognitive skills and help to identify applicants who have the skills needed to acquire job-related skills and meet the needs of employers.

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