The Talent Assessment

The Talent assessment helps employers find and develop employees by measuring work-related attitudes and behaviors. Unlike cognitive ability tests, there are no correct answers. Test items are statements in which the examinee identifies how accurately a statement represents his or her personality.

Number of items: 165

Method of delivery: Online

Test length: 35 minutes


What it Measures

  • Carefulness—tendency to think and plan carefully before acting or speaking
  • Cooperation—tendency to be likable and cordial in interpersonal situations
  • Creativity—tendency to be imaginative and to think "outside the box”
  • Discipline—tendency to be responsible, dependable, and follow through with tasks without becoming distracted or bored
  • Goodwill—tendency to be forgiving and to believe that others are well intentioned
  • Influence—tendency to impact and dominate social situations by speaking without hesitation and often becoming a group leader
  • Optimism—tendency toward having a positive outlook and confidence in successful outcomes
  • Order—tendency to be neat and well organized
  • Savvy—tendency to read other people's motives, understand office politics, and anticipate the needs and intentions of others
  • Sociability—tendency to enjoy being in other people's company and to work with others
  • Stability—tendency to maintain composure and rationality in situations of actual or perceived stress
  • Striving—tendency to have high aspiration levels and to work hard to achieve goals