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Next ACT Test Date: July 16

Registration Deadline: June 17

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The ACT Test

Everything you need to know about registering for the ACT, test dates, what to bring on test day, and more!

Why Take the ACT

Increase your chances for getting into the college of your choice and the scholarships you need with the ACT test.

Your Scores

Score reporting dates, as well as how to view, send, and understand your scores.

Fee Waivers

ACT test fee waivers come with free access to online test prep, more free score reports, and college application fee waivers.

Test Prep for Every Learning Style and Budget

Delivered by the experts, designed to fit your study preferences and your budget.

Every student learns differently. That’s why ACT provides a variety of test prep options for every learning style. But which one is right for you? Explore your options to find out.

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The Path to Your Future Starts Here

You'll find everything you need to start college and career planning; from ebooks and videos to ACT testing advice - we're here to help you get started and stay connected throughout your high school journey and beyond.

The ACT Mission: Helping People Achieve Education and Workplace Success

Each year, ACT serves millions of students, job seekers, schools, government agencies, and employers in the US and around the world with learning resources, assessments, research, and credentials designed to help them succeed from elementary school through career. 

Make a Difference for K12 Students

Guide, support, and enhance whole student learning from elementary through career with solutions to set baselines, gather data, identify learning gaps, incorporate social and emotional learning, and measure progress.

Foster Economic Growth

ACT offers leading workforce development solutions for businesses and communities to help create thriving workforce ecosystems.

"I want to thank ACT and everyone involved with the scholarship for this opportunity and to tell children who look like me, or have a background like me, that it is possible to become who you want to be."

Sage Rodriguez, ACT Scholar and Kirkwood Community College Student

Striving for Fairness in Education

The work of our Center for Equity in Learning is focused on striving for fairness in education and to help create a world where everyone can discover and fulfill their potential.