Level Three - Workplace Documents


All store employees will now get 20% off the price of clothes they buy here. Please follow the new directions listed below.

Selling clothes to employees

  • Ask to see the employee's store identification card.
  • Enter the employee's department code number into the cash register.
  • Use the cash register to take 20% off the price. Then push the sales tax button.
  • Write your initials on the sales receipt.
  • Sell clothes to employees during store hours only.

Accepting clothing returns from employees

  • Employees receive a store credit certificate for clothes they return to the store.
  • Store credit certificates are next to the gift certificates.
  • Employees may not get a cash refund for clothes they return to the store.

  1. 1.

    You are a cashier. According to the notice shown, what should you write on a store employee's receipt?

    Individual Question

Why this is a Level 3 item:
  • The sentences are simple and direct. Most put the subject first and the verb second.
  • There are short paragraphs and short sentences.
  • There are direct instructions for simple tasks.
  • The vocabulary includes common everyday words.
  • Individuals have to pick out a clearly stated detail. They do not need to draw any conclusions.