Level 5 - Workplace Documents

Goldberg's Auto Parts is served by more than fifty different accounts, each with its own sales representative, company name, corporate address, and shipping address. As a shipping and receiving clerk at Goldberg's, you are required to return defective merchandise to the manufacturer.

Standard procedure for returning an item begins with your written request to the company for authorization. Always send the request to the corporate address, not to the shipping address. Unless the company file folder contains a form for this procedure, write a business letter to the manufacturer supplying the item's stock number, cost, and invoice number; the date it was received; and the reason for its return. The manufacturer's reply will include an authorization number from the sales representative, a sticker for you to place on the outside of the box to identify it as an authorized return, and a closing date for the company's acceptance of the returned item. If you do not attach the provided sticker, your returned box will be refused by the manufacturer as unauthorized, and you will need to obtain a new letter, authorization, sticker, and closing date. Always send a returned box to the shipping address, not to the company's corporate address.

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    According to the policy shown, what should you do if you lose an authorization sticker?

    Individual Question
Why this is a Level 5 item:
  • Sentences are longer and more complex.
  • The document contains many steps to be followed and details to be considered.
  • The vocabulary includes some jargon and specialized terms.
  • Instructions include conditionals.
  • Individuals must apply straightforward instructions to a new situation that is similar to the one described in the material.