K12 Assessment Resources


9 Principles of High Quality Assessments

ACT has updated and now recommends nine principles of high-quality assessment systems for schools and districts. 

Useful Data for Early Intervention

The effort to get students on-track is more successful when you provide intervention at earlier grade levels, according to ACT research.

Maximize Your ACT Profile Report

Evaluate the selection and rigor of your curriculum and analyze student performance patterns with ACT High School Profile Reports.

A Comprehensive Assessment Plan

Foster student success by tracking progress, predicting future growth, and adjusting to meet areas of need.

Preparing Students Early: Comprehensive Assessment Plans

Take the steps to make a comprehensive assessment plan so you can make informed, evidence based decisions with the data.

Improving ACT Test Scores 

Prepare students to do their best by familiarizing them with the format and questions of the ACT test with test prep solutions offered by ACT.


Best of Both Worlds: Assessments that Help Every Student Succeed

How the ACT can be used to satisfy ESSA requirements and point students toward college.

District Testing 101

In part one of this free two-part webinar series, we show you how district testing benefits your school and students.

District Testing 201

In part-two, we’ll explain why it’s important to know what tasks and deadlines need to be completed as the test day approaches, for a smooth administration.


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