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Get the eBook for Educators: Guide to College and Career Readiness Planning

This guide will help you inform students and their supporters, from kindergarten to graduation, how to pave a path to their future successs.

Webinar: Creating a College and Career Readiness Day

Join ACT experts and guest speakers to discover what a College and Career Readiness Day is and how to have a successful event at your school. 

Join us for a live webinar in January 2024 to hear why and how to plan a robust day designed to promote a college- and career-ready culture. 

ACT District Testing College and Career Readiness Day (CCR Day)

Dr. Ryan Luhning discusses ACT District Testing College and Career Readiness Day (CCR Day).

CCR State Standards Alignment College Predictor

Dr. Ryan Luhning discusses how College and Career Readiness Standards align to predictions of college success.


ACT District Testing and Student Potential

Gary Campanelli discusses how ACT District Testing helps uncover student potential and drive postsecondary success.

ACT District Testing and 1st Year College Success

Dr. Ryan Luhning discusses ACT District Testing and 1st-year college success.


Dual Enrollment Programs

High school graduates who enter college with credits from dual enrollment are more likely to succeed in college according to the latest research from ACT.

Two Factors Related to Degree Completion

Maximize the positive, long-term benefits of students by using multiple measures for predicting their chances of college success.

The Art of Declaring a Major

Sticking to an intended major is more consistent when that area of study aligns to a student’s measured interest and expressed certainty at the time of ACT registration.

“X Factors” for College Readiness

How student and school characteristics can affect college preparedness.

Webinar: Evening the Odds for College-Bound Students

A holistic approach to career and college readiness curricula for college-bound students.Webinar: Evening the Odds

Webinar: K-12 Holistic Framework Higher Education

Success is multidimensional. Preparation for success should consider this.

Free Virtual Event: My Journey

Invest in Your Future: Expert Tips on Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Paying for College

From need-based aid to scholarships, Collegewise’s expert panelists will help students and their champions demystify the complex world of financial aid, offering practical tips to help navigate the financial aid application process with confidence.

ACT K-12 Holistic Learning Solutions

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