K12 College Readiness Resources

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This guide will help you inform students and their supporters, from kindergarten to graduation, how to pave a path to their future successs.


Dual Enrollment Programs

High school graduates who enter college with credits from dual enrollment are more likely to succeed in college according to the latest research from ACT. 

8 Key Findings About STEM in the U.S.

Read the latest key findings in one of the most high-demand fields, where numerous obstacles in students’ preparation for STEM careers are addressed.

The Art of Declaring a Major

Sticking to an intended major is more consistent when that area of study aligns to a student’s measured interest and expressed certainty at the time of ACT registration.

Two Factors Related to Degree Completion

Maximize the positive, long-term benefits of students by using multiple measures for predicting their chances of college success.

“X Factor” for College Readiness: Student Motivation and Goals

Research shows that middle school students who have higher motivation scores earn higher grades during high school.

“X Factor” for College Readiness: Parent Involvement

Parents involved in their child’s education can be a strong influence on academic achievement and postsecondary plans.

“X Factor” for College Readiness: Perceptions of Education

If a student doesn’t see college as important, they might rule out the option altogether.

“X Factor” for College Readiness: Social Engagement

Creating an environment where students can have healthy social engagements pays dividends in the future.


Evening the Odds for College-Bound Students

A holistic approach to career and college readiness curricula for college-bound students.

The “X Factors” of College Readiness

How school and student characteristics affect college readiness.

Covering All the Angles of Student Success

Using many sources to inform admissions and student support decisions.

K-12 Holistic Framework Higher Education

Success is multidimensional. Preparation for success should consider this.

STEM Careers

Increasing demand, decreasing supply - four ways to close the gap.

A Deeper Look Into STEM Readiness

Identifying and nurturing STEM-interested students.

Ready for What? What Matters for College and Career

Measure the progress of all students toward college and career readiness.


ACT Composite Score and College Persistence
ACT K12 Holistic Learning Solutions